Stress Management and Biofeedback

Stress has a negative effect on emotional well-being, health, energy levels, ability to focus, and performance at work and school. There is extensive research exploring the physiological and neurochemical processes brought upon by chronic stress.

Biofeedback is an intervention which directly ameliorates the physiological responses to stress. We use biofeedback equipment that is noninvasive, consisting of sensors placed on the hand. These sensors monitor biological functions associated with stress, such as heart rate, breathing, and skin temperature. This information is used to tailor relaxation techniques to individual clients, and to verify their effectiveness in real time.

By promoting relaxation, biofeedback fosters a sense of well-being and reduced reactivity to anxiety-provoking situations. Ultimately, clients learn to recognize physical signs of stress and ways to ameliorate established stress responses.

Our Experiences with Stress Management and Biofeedback

Stephanie Carrera, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Carrera helps clients strengthen their awareness of the body's physiological responses to promote insight, healing, and growth. When working with her, clients learn skills based in current psychological literature on mindfulness and self-compassion (e.g., paced breathing, exercises to settle thoughts, and meditation). Practicing these skills in session and applying them to daily life has been shown to be helpful when coping with performance and test anxiety, stress, and difficulty with time management.

Dr. Carrera led mindfulness, meditation, and stress management workshops through the Biofeedback Center at Iowa State University. She used Biofeedback sensor technology to help clients identify the effects of chronic stress on heart rate and learn stress management techniques to reverse these effects. At UC Berkeley, she led groups for students to help tame the "inner critic" and promote joy and self-kindness by modifying thought patterns. She prepared and recorded guided meditations for the Breathe project at Northwestern University.

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