Join our Group

Vita Nova is looking for a psychologist or a postdoctoral therapist to join our team. We are a small group of psychologists trained in both traditional and contemporary approaches to psychotherapy. We come together as a collective to keep each other sharp, engaged in our work, and balanced in our lives.

Our current areas of expertise and interest include students and young professionals, LGBTQ advocacy and marginalized identities, cross-cultural couple psychotherapy, and mindfulness and holistic interventions. We approach psychotherapy using multicultural, feminist, psychodynamic (including Jungian), relational, and third-wave behavioral lenses. We value applicants who can bring knowledge and approaches different from ours to enrich conversations and consultations. Experience in university counseling settings and interest in joining the team long-term are desired.

We are open to provide supervision for licensure. With respect to postdoctoral supervised training, we will cocreate learning experiences that bring together our expertise in long-term psychotherapy and multiculturalism, together with the postdoctoral fellow’s emerging expertise, interests, and lived experiences.

We are flexible with respect to start date, full or part time, working remotely or in-person, and the weekly schedule (evenings and weekends are not required). This is an employee (W-2) position, where the practice covers payroll taxes, professional liability insurance, administrative and billing services, marketing and networking costs, weekly consultation, professional development trainings, and retirement contributions. We are open to petition for immigration status (to honor our own histories of immigration to the U.S.).

To inquire, please reach out to Dr. Belviso at To apply, please send Dr. Belviso a cover letter, CV, and a list of professional references.