Psychotherapy and Counseling

We have experience offering psychotherapy to individuals and couples, spanning from adolescents to older adults. Our clients seek psychotherapy for many reasons such as anxiety, relationship issues, depression, sleep problems, job stress, and feeling sad, empty, or disengaged.

In our work, we integrate current research and traditional approaches to assist clients reducing distress and refocusing their life toward valued directions. Many of our clients benefit from learning specific skills for emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness which are based on cognitive and mindfulness-meditation approaches. Others explore bigger-picture issues related to values, sense of purpose, and spirituality.

Our Therapists

Francesco Belviso, PhD, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Stephanie Carrera, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Gina Chang-DeWitt, PsyD 張子函
Clinical Psychotherapist/Postdoctoral Fellow

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Kehinde Oladele, MEd, MS
Clinical Psychotherapist/Psychology Resident

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