We are a group of psychologists trained in both traditional and contemporary approaches to psychotherapy and coaching. We come together as a collective to keep each other sharp, engaged in our work, and balanced in our lives.

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Psychological difficulties can arise from the misalignment between thoughts and emotions, actions and deeply-held values, and personal aspirations and societal pressures. We work with our clients to understand their challenges within the broader context of societal pressures and the erasure of individual and cultural differences. We see the impact of ongoing racism, intolerance, inequality, and xenophobia at individual, national, and global levels. We affirm the unique value of each person and community, stand in solidarity with those who are oppressed, and empower clients to facilitate their resilience, growth, and healing.

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Why the Name Vita Nova
Dante Alighieri

Italian poet Dante Alighieri wrote Vita Nova in 1295. A combination of prose and verse, the book narrates Dante's own experience of loss, in his case of a loved woman. The narrative details how an upsetting event was transformed by the Poet into an occasion for maturation and growth. The book starts with a sentence in Latin, Incipit Vita Nova, "thus begins a new life."

Vita Nova - Psychology Associates was founded on the 750th anniversary year of Dante's birth.